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    Nitrofurantoin also demonstrates in vitro activity against the following microorganisms, although the clinical significance of these data with respect to treatment with macrodantin is unknown .

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    The canadian compendium of pharmaceuticals and specialties 2007 continues to state that nitrofurantoin use is contraindicated in pregnancy when patients are close to delivery;9 until further data are available, it would be prudent to follow this guideline.

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    However, nitrofurantoin should not be used near the time of delivery 38-42 weeks gestation since it interferes with the immature enzyme systems in the red blood cells of newborns, damaging the cells and resulting in anemia.

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    In clinical trials for this medication, nearly 10 percent of patients taking nitrofurantoin monohydrate experienced nausea as a side effect, reports rx list, an online drug index for consumers.

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    Most of them are mild and disappear when you stop taking nitrofurantoin tablets.

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