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    Just as all waters become pure by the union with ganga water, all firewood is made pure by the addition of a small piece of tulasi twig.

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    Tulasi, humiliated and insulted, disappeared.

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    I was very much anxious to introduce this worship of tulasi plant amongst our society members, but it has not become successful till now.

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    One who worships tulasi devi on the dwadasi 12 th day and chants this tulasi stava destroys all 32 kinds of sinful reactions.

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    If you have more than one tulasi plant of different sizes, put something under the smaller ones so they are close to the light.

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    So all you have to do is fill the cups with soil mix and moisten according to package directions and press the tulasi seeds into the soil about 1 16 deep, about 6 seeds per cup.

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